Tuft Springs Fairmont 2000 Pocket Natural Mattress -

We always want the best of both worlds With the Fairmont Natural Pocket 2000 Mattress its entirely possible thanks to the longlasting and firm support it providesThis mattress is manufactured in the United Kingdom and has been expertly handcrafted to meet exacting standards designed to offer an orthopaedic quality of supportThere are no less than 2000 pocket springs contained within the Fairmont Natural Pocket 2000 Mattress each spring works on its own devices That means your body will be fully supported exactly where you need it It all adds up to a minimised level of support and an elimination of movement transfer which has the potential to disrupt sleepFrom silk to fine cashmere and natural wool only the finest materials are used in the layering of the Fairmont Natural Pocket 2000 Mattress Breathable and comfortable these fillings are essential to achieving a restful nights sleep night after nightYou will find the Fairmont Natural Pocket 2000 Mattress wrapped in a beautiful damask cover which features air vents which increase air circulation and offer you that fresh feeling There are also built in turning handles which can make flipping the mattress an easy task
£ 319.95

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